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To produce your own advanced illustrations, use this login to access WinFlex Web.

When registering for WinFlex Web, choose MVP Financial Services Inc as your Agency/BGA.

New registration can take up to 24 hours for approval and access.

You will not be able to produce illustrations without approval from MVP and at least one participating carrier. After you complete the Registration information you will be able to request access from participating carriers. You will be emailed a confirmation when each carrier approves you to access their products. For a list of participating carriers see your profile page.

WinFlex tech support: 385-215-2740
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For best results when using this tool, use Google Chrome as your browser.

Gain access to annuity rates and product info from our Annuity Carriers using the Annuity Agent Portal login.

NOTE: Single Premium Immediate Annuity quotes are not available on this tool. Contact your MVP rep for SPIA quotes or submit your request here.

New registration can take up to 24 hours for approval and access.

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