What do advisors say about partnering with us?

FYI – Jim, I am sure you know this already – but I just wanted to say again Matt truly is the best. Kristi L. Mertens, CFP®

Senior Financial Advisor
BCU Wealth Advisors, LLC

All I have to do is call MVP to explain my case to them, and they come back to me with the best possible solution for my clients. Life insurance is a secondary business for me, so I don’t need to be the insurance expert too.

– Brent Pahnke

I certainly have outstanding service with my new business and in-force policies. I hope your other brokers appreciate the expertise and willing-to-help attitude you bring to the table every day. I am approached more often than you may realize by other G.A.’s to do business with them, but I can honestly say that there is no way they can compete with the two of you. Thanks for your 100 % effort! 

–Fred Broda

I am ALWAYS extremely satisfied with MVP services. I can always count on the staff to provide almost an immediate response. I can give them scenarios of what we are considering and they do a tremendous job of answering questions and do a majority of the the process for me. I have often used MVP just for the fact that the staff is so dependable. I also appreciate how they keep me updated during every step of the process.

-Jason R

Everyone at MVP was very responsive and helped me every step of the way.   I would definitely use again.

-Ryan A

Love the very hands on assistance and expertise for all my situations! 

-Sharon L

You made my day with your phone call yesterday!  Closing the Life/LTC  (MoneyGuard) case was completely satisfying.   The commission income is great and needed. This income was greater than my initial starting salary in 1981! More importantly, however, was the fun of working together. I sure do appreciate your professional help.  Also, the joy of being in the hunt and closing a deal after two years of patience and sales effort produces a warm glow that makes being in this career so enjoyable and rewarding. You are the best. Cheers,

-George S

MVP is my go to for all life, disability, etc needs! I love working with them!

–Janel A

Things get done very quickly! 

–Kimberly O

Wonderful people to work with

-Jim C

Awesome people!

–Dave D