Frequently Asked Questions

MVP has 3 ways for you to submit applications:

  • iGo e-Apps (login required)
  • Quick Apps (login required for some carriers)
  • Traditional Paper Applications (login required)

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iGo e-Apps is a complete electronic application process that allows for e-signatures from the client and the agent. It is submitted to MVP for review and then forwarded on to the carrier for processing. This process works like the traditional paper application process, although doesn’t require any hand writing or printing. You have to have/create an account. iGo e-Apps may be accessed by clicking on Submit Online Applications or from the Applications Tab on the HOME page of our website.

Some of our carriers provide Quick Apps which is a Request for Application and not a full application. These carriers contract with exam vendors like EMSI or have their own call center that works with your client to complete the application for you over the phone or at the time of the paramed exam. You complete and submit a short form with some basic information about your client and what they are applying for. No signatures are necessary and an MVP case manager follow the activity from submission to completion. You receive the policy for delivery to your client. Quick Apps may be accessed by clicking on Submit Online Applications or from the Applications Tab on the HOME page of our site.

A Traditional Paper Application may also be obtained from our website. Paper Forms and Applications may be accessed by clicking on Application Forms or from the Applications Tab on the HOME page of our site. Search your forms and applications from the search engine, print, complete and submit to MVP.

In order to avoid delays in your client’s application process, it is always a good idea to be contracted with a carrier before submitting an application. MVP understands that the ideal situation doesn’t always happen in every sale. Some states will allow contracting to be completed simultaneously. If you had a contract with a carrier at one time, but it has been awhile since you submitted an application, it’s possible that your contract may have been terminated.  When in doubt about your contract situation with a carrier, contact an MVP Representative to help.

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Use MVP’s Underwriting Criteria Questionnaire when you meet with your prospect for the first time. By asking some general health, family history and avocation questions in the beginning, you can head off some disappointment and keep from wasting your valuable time. This questionnaire form can be found by clicking on Tough Case? Get Help or in the Underwriting Tab of the HOME page.

When you submit an application to MVP, your designated Case Manager will keep you posted on the progress of your case via email with a case status report. You may also request a case status update from the HOME page on our website. Click the I Want To button and choose Get Pending Case Status. You may also call your MVP Representative during regular business hours.

MVP’s office hours are 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Central Time, Monday – Friday for all Midwest locations. MVP closes for most U.S. holidays and sometimes for staff appreciation or training purposes.

MVP has several Midwest locations in:

Glenview, IL

St. Charles, IL

Madison, WI

Fargo, ND

Edina, MN

Look at bottom of page for location addresses…

As a part of our service, MVP is happy to order the exam for you. Simply submit the app and we will handle the requirements. If you prefer to order exams yourself, you will find links to approved carrier vendors in the Underwriting Tab on the HOME page of our website. Please let us know if you order them yourself so that we do not duplicate efforts.

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New Business, Applications, Policy Owner Service and Agent Forms for our carriers can be found by clicking on Application Forms or from the Applications Tab on the HOME page.

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You can run your own Term comparisons and GUL illustrations from Online Quotes (LifePipe engine) on our website (login required). To access, click on Run Quotes from the Quotes Tab on the HOME page. WinFlex Web is another illustration tool that you can access from the Quotes area of our website. You will need to register with WinFlex and create an account to use the illustration tool. Your access to WinFlex is not immediate and it can take up to 48 hours for your registration to process.

Need quotes on the go? MVP has a Mobile Term Quotes App that can be accessed from your mobile device by clicking on Mobile Quotes from the Quote tab on the HOME page.

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There are several ways you may request quotes from MVP. You may submit requests electronically by completing the appropriate request on our website. The request forms are located in the Quote Tab on our HOME page.

You may request quotes via email to your MVP Solutions Associate or to our general email address, A Paper Quote Worksheet may also be found in the Quote Tab on our HOME page. Completed worksheets may be emailed or faxed to your MVP location.

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A list of carriers and products may be found in the Products & Carriers Tab on the HOME page of our website.