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Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator Note: The calculation is only for quoting purposes. The final rate class offered by a carrier will be impacted by factors and conditions determined after an under-writing review of the life insurance application.

 Alcohol Drugs Pancreatitis
 Angioplasty Eating Disorders Panhypopituitarism
 Anxiety Disorders Emphysema Paralysis
 Arthritis Enlarged Heart Parkinson’s Disease
 Atrial Fibrillation Epilepsy Personality Disorders
 Aviation Foreign Travel Residence Pheochromocytoma
 Avocations General Use Questionnaire Polycystic Kidney Disease
 Build Glomerulonephritis Polyp, Cyst, Tumor or Growth
 Bundle Branch Block Heart Attack Myocardial Infarction Prostate Benign
 Cancer Heart Failure Proteinuria
 Cancer-Bladder Heart Murmur
 Cancer-Breast     Case Study Hemochromatosis PSA-Elevated
 Cancer-Cervical Hepatitis Sarcoidosis
 Cancer-Ovarian Hypercoagulable Disorder Scleroderma
 Cancer-Prostate   Case Study Hyperglycemia Seizure Disorder
 Cancer-Skin Hypertension Sickle Cell Anemia
 Cancer-Testicular Irregular Heartbeat Sleep Apnea
 Cerebral Palsy Kidney Function Tests Spinal Cord Injury Plegic
 Congestive Heart Failure Kidney Transplant Stent
 COPD Leukemia Stroke, TIA
 Coronary Artery Disease Liver Tests T Wave Changes
 Coronary Bypass Lung Disease Thrombus
 Crohn’s Disease Lupus Thyroid Disease
 Cushing Syndrome Lymphoma Valvular Heart Surgery
 Dementia-Alzheimer’s Marijuana: Pru Rx for Success

Mental Disorders

Financial Questionnaires
 Depression Mitral Valve Disorder
 Diabetes Multiple Sclerosis Prudential Rx for Success
 Down Syndrome/Intellectual Disability
Underwriting Special Needs
Neuromuscular Disorder Banner’s InTOUCH Underwriting Microsite
 Driving Pacemaker
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